Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smoke Out 14

     I had a great time at the Smoke Out last year, so I was really looking forward to this year, Smoke Out 14.

The mini-bike races attract some very interesting mini's.  Every time I see neat mini-bikes, I promise myself that when I get home I'm going to get that old mini out and make it cool.

The crowd always find Beardo and Speedo entertaining.

Valardi and Miyagi, born to wrench.

     Last year the Stampede riders were welcomed to the Long Riders Lounge, this year not. Fortunately, Dr. Eric Hahn a chiropractor who had a booth at the Smoke Out, showed true Southern hospitality and invited us share his booth and rain shelter.  If your back needs adjustment and you are in Raleigh, NC., look up Hahn Family Chiropractic.

     There were great bikes at the Smoke Out this year, but rat bikes and rat rods caught my eye.

There were a lot of painted ladies, both young and...

The Stampede Trophy went to Paul Corey.

I had a great time at Smoke Out 14, I think the Smoke Out is the best of all the bike rallies.