Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Louis Soto's Garage Party

"The man was always working to make sure
everyone was welcomed, fed, entertained and
introduced to others."

     We rode down to Riverside, California for Louis' 2nd annual,Hell, Hogs and Hoedown. Louis is a great host, there was plenty of food and beer.  

     The party was planned to be at Louis' shop, Louisbuilt Customs, but the landlord nixed that idea, so Louis relocated the event at a friend's guitar shop. 

     My friend and fellow Stampede rider, Bob Marshall and his girlfriend Sonja came to the party. Bob lives in Riverside and is owner of Flying Marshall Land Speed Racing.  
    Bob's land Speed record bike 'ol #2227 runs in the 650 A-G class and is widely favored to set a world speed record in the coming season.

Pete Cushing, also a fellow Stampeder, rode up with Jennifer from San Diego. Pete rode his super cool 1996 Royal Star, the D2T bike.

D2T- Death to Traitors


     You might say that Ryan came the farthest, he was returning to Northern California from New York. But when he heard about Louis' Shop Party he decided maybe the best route home was through Riverside.

There were plenty of Dogs, burgers and plenty of beer.

Friends, food and beer, and a good band, about says it all.

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