Monday, June 16, 2014

Marty Schilber and Paul Arvin, Master Mechanics

     There are new rules for this years Stampede, one of which is that the bike must have a kick starter.  I ordered a kick starter kit from Ledsled Customs of Dayton, Ohio.  My skill level is "shade tree" and time was getting short so I went to see Marty Schilber of Santa Rosa V-twin.

That board looks like it might have been used a couple of times before.
     Marty put the gear drive cams in my Electra Glide and that was 80 thousand miles ago, so he's got the skills.  
     He pulled the transmission and replaced the main shaft with the kicker shaft. Ledsled had drilled the kit for mid pegs, I don't think they had actually done a sporty with mids and a lot of fitting had to be done.                                   


The kick starter takes up the space where the rear brake master cylinder sits, so it had to be relocated.  Marty said he knew a really good fabricator and recommended Paul Arvin, owner of J.F.R. Chop Shop (Just Fucking Ride, cool name, huh?) in Santa Rosa. 
     Paul, who knew of the Stampede, worked overtime to get the relocation bracket built and the master cylinder plumbed in time.  It works great and looks good.
     Its good to do business with people who know their stuff and that you can trust to do things right and deliver when they say.  In Marty and Pauls case they did more.

     You can contact Marty Schilber at Santa Rosa V-Twin, located at 1240 Petaluma Hill Rd., Santa Rosa, California (707) 523-9696

     You can reach Paul Arvin at J.F.R. Chopper Shop, 40 Maxwell Ct., Santa Rosa, California (707) 548-1839 

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