Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Ride the Indian Scout

     I went to the International Motorcycle Show at San Mateo.  There were several of the big manufacturers giving test rides.  I wanted to ride the new Indian Scout and the line was short so...

     I signed up to ride and the bike I got to ride was this blood red model.
     The test ride was about a half hour and covered a good distance both in town and on freeways.  I really liked the Scout.  It is supposed to have around 100 hp and it is fast and very smooth.  The seat is comfortable and the riding position feels like you could put on a lot of miles without fatigue.  The bike could use a better fork.
     With a price tag around 11 grand, I'm not sure I would buy one, but, like I said, I really liked the bike.

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gordon said...


It sure is a good looking bike, but pricy.