Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Stampede Bike for 2015, Fabrication

     After tearing the bike apart, I took it to Paul Arvin at J.F.R. to weld on the hard tail section. 

Paul also fabbed the brake mount between the frame rails, seat mount, fender struts and oil tank mounts. In other words just about all the fab was Paul's work. I wanted it done right.

                             I know the seat looks a little out of scale it's the Mustang seat I used I used last year. It is large but proven comfortable. I'll change it for something more chopperish after the Stampede.

     The hard tail section is T.C. Bros, the fender and oil tank are Ledsled. I got the air bag for the seat from McMaster Carr. I used the same air bag for the 2013 Stampede and it worked well. Paul's contact info is J.F.R. Chopper Shop, 40 Maxwell Ct., Santa Rosa, California (707) 548-1839 
     Next comes paint.


Beau said...

Looks really good Ray. Are you still gonna mount the external gas tank?
I will getting my bike out of rehab on Saturday and dropping off Traci's for some necessary mods.

Ray Watson said...

I'm going to have a 5 gal tank. I have used Coyote Gear tanks but they don't currently make a 5 gal. Paul says he could make one.
In a square tank, 5 gal will fit in a tank 12x12x8. Quite compact. Also gas is a lot lighter than water. 5 gal of water is 41 lbs. gas is 31 lbs.
The main tank is only 3.3 gal, so thats not enough.
Beau, are you going to do the Stampede?

Beau said...

Yes I am planning on it. My Stampede bike is at Irish Rich's. It's been there since December but now he's done with it and I pick it up Saturday. I still have a lot of work to do, but the critical stuff is done. He put a 5 gallon tank on it, fabricated a sissy bar among other things. Check out my blog cowboyinthewind. I will update it on Saturday with photos, then i turn my attention to my forthcoming trip to South Africa.