Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Stampede Bike for 2015, Paint

     I decided that I wanted to paint the bike myself and I wanted a high quality paint job, a high quality "rattle can" paint job. I don't have a paint gun or compressor and I've never done any automotive quality painting. So I started...
     I know a few of the basics. First get the metal as straight as possible and as clean as possible. I used a self etching primer and a sanding primer over that. For the fender I sanded the primer until any imperfections were filled. I wet sanded with 500 grit and 1200 grit, on the theory that the better the primer coat finish the better the final coat finish.

      I decided not to pull the engine to paint the frame so I masked it off and primed. I used a chassis paint for the frame, fender struts, seat mountings and other hardware. It has a good semi-gloss finish and, I hope, is extra tough. 
     For the fender I used Rust-Oleum gloss black automotive enamel. I had a couple of ideas about how to do a good rattle can paint job that were wrong, but after a couple of restarts, I got the paint on the fender and after 48 hours curing time, I wet sanded, very lightly, with 1200 grit just to knock off any orange peal. 
     I used Turtle Wax Polishing Compound and a small random orbital polisher, which brought the paint to a high gloss. 

     I sent the oil tank to Custom Coating in Ukiah. They used a chrome powder coat with a clear top coat. I am very  pleased with the finish.

     I put everything back together, I think it looks pretty good and I'm a lot more comfortable with what it takes to do a good paint job.


SonjaM said...

Ray, this is an amazing development. I am tempting to leave a bike in your hands for you to metamorphic it into something gorgeous. Good stuff! Keep up the great work!

james west said...

Ray. Awesome job on your bike! I'm planning on doing the stampede this year. Its now or never! I got a strutted 883 I been tinkering with for awhile. I'm riding out from Arkansas a couple days before the ride. Hope to see you there!
James West