Saturday, September 5, 2015

Heading to Sturgis

A lot of California was burning when we headed out Highway 50. We stayed in Fallon, Nevada our first night. 

We stopped in Austin, an old mining town of 192 people, for lunch. We had a great burger at the old International Hotel.

Our plan was to camp out in the Great Basin National Park. Lehman Creek campground is located near Baker, Nevada. We stopped at T&D's Country Store, Bar and Restaurant in Baker. Terry, Debra and Kelli treated us like royalty. Terry even broke out the good tequila. 

We rode up the mountain to Lehman Creek Campground, which is at about 7200 ft. The night sky in this part of Nevada has no light pollution and after the moon went down, the stars were incredible.

During the night the wind came up and nearly blew the tent down. We hardly slept at all because of the wind.

Some where along the road we saw this strange animal lurking behind a fence. It wasn't a chupacabra but just a shy burro.

Highway 50 is known as the loneliest highway in America and Eastern Nevada is the loneliest part of Highway 50.

Spotted Wolf Canyon in the San Rafael Reef. The San Rafael Reef is a 30 mile long rock wall. Then on to Grand Junction, Colorado and into the Rocky Mountains

When we got into the Rockies the weather cooled down and we rode at a more leisurely pace. At Salida, Colorado, we jogged south to Alamosa then east to La Veta, Colorado.

We stayed with Marie's family in La Veta. I really like this area, its geologically interesting, historically interesting as well as beautiful.

We stayed a day in La Veta and a day in Colorado Springs visiting family, then headed north again.

We stayed one night in Scott's Bluff while Jason Lewison owner of Precision Cycle replaced a tire and cured a manifold leak. 

We arrived at Nemo Saturday, time to set up camp and relax.  

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Ipee Freely said...

Ray you are hardcore, Stampede and Sturgis? 2 up? you're the man. I have tried to pimp Ben and Phil out to Revtech. You would think they would want to promote their engine/transmission that
have gone coast to coast wide open with at least 40k on them before the race. They said they would post on Facebook, I said I'm a grown man I don't have Facebook. I guess the people that matter know.