Friday, July 3, 2015

Stampede 10, Barstow

     Stampede 10 would be the last Stampede. The last great American race. Because it was the last chance to be part of something so unique and challenging, 57 riders came to Barstow, California from across the country to measure their grit.

Grampa David Gooden rode his classic shovel head.

Speedo brought a sport bike technology chopper.

Benny Cisak and Phil Crank doing some last minute adjustments.

Mike Shocp brought his really clean sporty.

Steve Aretz had the first two stroke to compete. His Suzuki GT550 really looks sweet.

Bob Marshal and his fully loaded KZ-1000 Police bike. 

Pete and Jennifer Cushing going to Stampede 2 up. A great way to honeymoon. 

F-Bomb always rides a small displacement bike. This year was no exception. He brought his Honda 250 Rebel in a Sportster frame.

Sue and Steff Brooks, aka Mr. and Mrs. Mayagi

So on Sunday morning at 0600 June 14, 2015 Charlie Davis put his bike in gear and that started the last Stampede.

A Video of the start can be seen on YouTube at:

Monday, June 29, 2015

Stampede 10, The Route

     Stampede 10, the last Stampede, is over and it's safe to say that no one is still out on the course. It's time to reveal the route. This is the map that was given to the racers the day before the start.