Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Muller Power Clutch

     The clutch on my 2002 Sportster has always been hard to pull and right now I'm just not up for it. A friend told me about the Muller Power Clutch.
     The Muller Power Clutch replaces the stock clutch release mechanism. Muller changed the angle of the inner and outer ramps on the clutch release in order to make the clutch lever easier to pull. Harley Davidson changed the stock setup to a similar configuration around 2006.

     The Muller Power Clutch was super easy to install and easy to adjust. It claims to make the clutch pull about 40% easier. I can attest that the clutch is much easier to pull. The only down side is that the Muller Power Clutch come at a price. Yep it's expensive.


Anonymous said...

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Ray Watson said...

When I first read your comment I figured that the Muller Motorcycle AG, who builds the Muller Power Clutch, must be a Portuguese company. But a check of Muller's website shows they are located in Germany. So I'm guessing you have such a major hard on for Portugal that you search the internet for Blogs to use to bash Portugal, because I really don't see any rational connection between Ray's Motorcycle Diary and Portugal.
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