Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Going to Born Free

     I got a message from Stampede racer, John Joseph Rogers, asking if I was interested in going to Born Free. Interested? Yea, I was interested. I met John at is shop, Suicidal Custom Cycles (510-706-0199), 2156 American Ave., in Hayward Ca. and we headed south.

      It's a little over 500 miles from the SF to Riverside. Bob Marshal, Stampede Veteran, had invited us to stay at his home. It was a long ride and a super hot ride, that seemed to take forever. We didn't get to Bob's until after dark.
     The next morning, Paul Corey, also a Stampeder, showed up. He and his family had been vacationing in California. Paul's from West Virginia. 
Paul Corey
Bob Marshal and John Joseph Rogers

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