Friday, July 7, 2017

Born Free 9

     Saturday it was time to head to Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, California for Born Free. It's a fairly short ride from Riverside. There was plenty of parking in the dirt parking area. There is parking available on the grass inside the event, but you have to prepay for that parking and I am not good at planning more than three or four days out.
       For me being a newbee at Born Free it was a little hard to tell where the parking area ended and the "show bikes" started. Next year I plan on spending more time looking at the everyday bikes in the parking area.


     The heat, crowds, the volume of bikes and other distractions made it difficult to focus on anything specific. Still, I know what I like.

     Then there are the bikes that are a little more unusual.

     This was my first trip to Born Free. Despite the heat and the crowds I really enjoyed myself. This bike show is different than all the others. I'll be back next year.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Going to Born Free

     I got a message from Stampede racer, John Joseph Rogers, asking if I was interested in going to Born Free. Interested? Yea, I was interested. I met John at is shop, Suicidal Custom Cycles (510-706-0199), 2156 American Ave., in Hayward Ca. and we headed south.

      It's a little over 500 miles from the SF to Riverside. Bob Marshal, Stampede Veteran, had invited us to stay at his home. It was a long ride and a super hot ride, that seemed to take forever. We didn't get to Bob's until after dark.
     The next morning, Paul Corey, also a Stampeder, showed up. He and his family had been vacationing in California. Paul's from West Virginia. 
Paul Corey
Bob Marshal and John Joseph Rogers